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"...We are also thankful with the team’s effort in not only designing but paying attention to the tiniest of details and overseeing the entire renovation process..."

James & Adeline



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Arkhilite C stands for Arkhilite Commune, which discovers slow places, people and object in the community.

What is 7/10 MIN with ARKHILITE C?

Every week, we sit down with a guest of friends, someone who makes positive differences in our built environment. We are interested in how brands and people are shifting up the industry and would like to share their stories with the community through 7/10 min with Arkhilite C.



“ Discovering Slow Spaces, Places and People around us ”

ARKHILITE is first and foremost a design firm that is solidly grounded on the premises of design and life. We specialise in Spaces. Not just any interior spaces. We are particularly interested in designing Slow Spaces.

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Artistic & Analytical. Bold & Brilliant. Creative & Cultivated. Discerning & Disciplined. Energetic & Exquisite. Investigative & Innovative. Positive and Passionate.

Have these traits? You are wanted. Send your resume to projects@arkhilite.sg




The slow here does not mean doing things slowly for the sake of being slow.

Have you encountered a residential living space that is so warm and relaxing that you do not want to leave? Have you experienced a dining space that makes you feel so comfortable that you wish your dinner can last longer? Or a lobby that makes you pause and sit somewhere because the space is so beautiful that you need a little time to take it all in? These are what we mean by Slow Spaces and Places. They are enjoyable and satisfying.


ARKHILITE also discovers Slow Places, places that embody these unique but often well concealed qualities. Qualities that are usually quiet and make no attempt to stand out in a loud way. Qualities that are often based on the fundamental principles of design. Qualities that celebrate locality, culture, purpose, the nature and our relationships with them.

Email:  projects@arkhilite.sg

Office: +65 6917 8869

Address: 81 Tagore Lane #02-04 TAG.A Singapore 787502

Mathematical calculations that have singular solutions ought to be solved fast. However, there are many things in life, such as architectural, interior design or any form of design for that matter, which do not have singular solutions. One needs to spend time, immense amount of time and effort to do it well.

Thus, with our collaborators, ARKHILITE seeks out people. People who inspire all of us by the dedication to the crafts they do. People who believes in “going slow” and strong and in spite of mounting challenges, wield their unwavering faiths as swords of tenacity to pursue excellence in their work.

ARKHILITE has been interviewed by prominent media and press such as The Business Times Singapore, Tadyjemoje Czech Republic and Binyan Vediur Israel for our creative work and expertise.