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Frames & Zones

The clients are a middle aged couple with 2 teenagers children. The design brief is simple enough:  a look that is clean and cosy. We decide to interpret the spaces in a more architectural way: to create an interior space within a space.

For the Foyer, Dining and Living area, we created a painted border to 'frame' up the views beyond. 

From the Foyer, the Living will be 'framed' up, and vice versa. 

The 2 zones are painted in different hues of creams. In order to make the spaces flow from one to another and not to make the space segregated, one zone is painted in a cream hue that is just slightly different from the other zone. The result is a very layered look that adds visual depth to this Public zone.

For the teenagers' bedrooms, we want to add more controlled drama and to heighten the senses a notch up. The study area is created entirely in one colour; the paint on the walls, ceiling, and the laminates on the cabinets and tables, in either luminous blues or sparkling whites


The bed and wardrobe area is 'zoned' in Creams to contrast with the blues and whites. The resulting look actually makes the rooms look bigger than it is, and way more exciting.


Note that cabinetry in the bedrooms is designed in an elegant manner that emphasizes the texture of the fabric-grained laminate patterned with neat interval lines. This is a similar language that is consistent with the cabinetry in other areas of the apartment. 

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