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Asia Interior Design Award X Journey In A Residence

The owners of the apartment bought this residence for almost just one reason.


They saw and liked the lush green tropical trees that can be seen outside the window of the very last room and decided that this is the place they were looking for. All else can be worked around.


We decide that this is such a strong emotive quality that could be translated architecturally into a compelling narrative for the interior design.  That is where the name of this project, Journey in an Apartment, came about.

The original apartment has configurations and sizes of internal spaces which do not fit in with the new owners' needs and narrative. Thus, almost all the internal non-load bearing walls other than the bathroom's, were removed to create a blank canvas for new spaces.

The starting point of the 'journey' is the entrance of the apartment. The circulation inside is planned in a straight route.  From this starting point, one can actually see the end of the apartment, a focal point, where a landscape painting by ARKHILITE is placed.  The painting attracts one to proceed towards it.


Traditionally the Living space with sofas and TV is one of the first zones after one enters a residence in this part of the world. We rethink this typical typology here. The client needs more of space where they can read, work, talk while having a cappuccino and sandwich. That is their lifestyle.

Thus, we made the first and biggest zone a living area that is surrounded by rows of white suspended shelves for books and displays. A timber table that generously fits eight persons serves both dining and working purposes.

Continue with the journey and one arrives at the Kitchen, double loaded, with full kitchen appliances and storage. The entrance to the bathroom is hidden on the left, as one proceeds further. Move in further and one discovers the laundry zone on the left too.

The finale of the journey is naturally the last space. Here one can finally see the details of the painting. The painting is inspired from the bird's eye view of residence amongst the lush greenery. It is an abstraction of the plan view of the estate where the residence is. A long white island table sits in the middle. We bring some of greenery inside by hanging pots of inverted plants above it.


The owners sit around this table for breakfast, sipping coffee, often reading a good book, sometimes dazing and admiring the trees and view which got them here in the first place.

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