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Frames & Zones



"We decided to interpret the spaces in a more architectural way. To create an interior space within a space."

A painted border is created to 'frame' up the views beyond.

Despite its simple lines, cleverly marked zones and unique details turn out a visually engaging home.

Shades of cream on either side of the border offer a subtle and smooth transition without the space looking overly blockish.

For a spacious feel, choose streamlined furnishings in colours that blend with the walls.

Lighting in black contrasts against the pale backdrop.

The study area and bed area are clearly marked by the change in colour where the wall ends.

"The design language here is modern minimalist with strong lines and colours to demarcate spaces withing spaces."

The bed and wardrobe area are 'zoned' in Creams to contrast with the blues. The resulting look actually makes the rooms look bigger than it is, and way more exciting.

Cabinetry in the bedrooms is designed in an elegant manner that emphasizes the texture of the fabric-grained laminate patterned with neat interval lines

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